Botox good for everything?

Botox is good for everything?

It undoubtedly evokes extreme emotions, the world is divided into supporters and staunch opponents of using Botox. Lots of ladies and gentlemen also treat the drug as a wonderful remedy in the fight against the passage of time. Others renounce Botox as the devil does from holy water. How is it really?

The miraculous properties of botulinum toxin, which is the proper name of botox, were discovered by accident. In the beginning, the substance was used to treat strabismus. By the way, it turned out that after the injection, the wrinkles disappear as if by the touch of a magic wand. Botox was annexed by aesthetic medicine. Briefly, botox works by paralyzing certain structures in the muscles, so that the muscles stop contracting, and thus the skin that covers the muscle does not shrink. Young skin resists mimic wrinkles for a long time, which arise under the influence of grimaces accompanying emotions – surprise, laughter, anger. With age, the collagen fibers supporting it are less and less flexible and wrinkles begin to deepen. First, the ones in the corners of the eyes, a lion’s wrinkle between the eyebrows and the horizontal lines on the forehead. Massages and cosmetics can improve the situation a bit and slow down further changes. However, for now, botox is the most effective weapon in the fight to maintain a youthful appearance.

Soft lifting – Before I inject a dose of botox to my client, I inform her that she cannot expect a change from, say, a woman in her sixties to an eighteen-year-old girl – explains Małgorzata Lewicka-Kisiel There are ladies who expect such a miracle, and this is completely unreal. Yes, botox can make a tired and gray face refreshed, start to radiate a youthful glow from it and reduce wrinkles.

The preparation is used only for the elimination of wrinkles around the eyes, vertical and horizontal wrinkles on the forehead. Hyaluronic acid is used to smooth out wrinkles in the lower face. Specialists define treatments with Botox and hyaluronic acid as a soft facelift. You should not change your facial features – adds Dr. Lewicka – Kisiel. I’m not giving a botox injection to someone who doesn’t need it.

For hyperhidrosis and migraines, it turns out that botox also has a beneficial effect in the fight against tension migraine pains. I say that I treat wrinkles, and migraine removal is free – continues Małgorzata Lewicka-Kisiel. For the treatment of migraines, I inject Botox injections into the muscles of the temporal, frontal and neck muscles. I always conduct a detailed interview with the patient in advance, I also require appropriate research. Botox is also great at dealing with hyperhidrosis, the injection is an ideal solution for people who suffer from excessive sweating. Armpits, feet and hands are injected. The treatment is enough for about half a year.

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