One of the many methods of closing an open wound are dissolvable sutures – how long threads dissolve and are they completely safe to use? If you are interested in this topic, please read on – we explain why this method is so popular.

Dissolvable threads – how long do they take to dissolve in the body?

Dissolvable sutures are an extremely popular method of closing wounds after procedures or mechanical damage. What do dissolvable stitches look like? This is a special type of thread that is used to close wounds after surgery. They may look similar to regular non-dissolvable stitches – they are simply threads that pass through the skin. Are you wondering how to recognize dissolvable stitches? The type of suture can often be identified by its color: dissolvable sutures are often clear or have a natural, “leathery” color, while insoluble sutures are usually blue, black or white.

Self-dissolving sutures are made of materials that gradually dissolve in the body. This means they don’t need to be removed by a doctor – they just disappear after a while. Therefore, the patient does not have to use the services of a surgeon again – so it is no wonder that solutions such as dissolvable sutures are being used more and more often. How long does it take for them to dissolve? The truth is that this time can vary depending on many factors!

Dissolvable stitches – how long does the body need to get rid of them?

We already know how useful dissolvable sutures are. How long does our body need to absorb them? This aspect depends on many factors. This is influenced by, among others, the type of suture, type of surgery, and even the specificity of a given organism. Generally speaking, most dissolvable stitches will begin to disappear after 1-2 weeks and will be completely gone after about 6 weeks.

Is it possible to recognize dissolvable stitches on your own? Although such decisions are better left to specialists employed by the aesthetic medicine clinic in London, there are a few tips that may help. As previously mentioned, we can often rely on the color of the thread. Moreover, if after a few weeks the stitches do not cause pain and there is almost no trace of them, the probability that they are dissolvable stitches is very high.

Even though dissolvable sutures are being used more and more often, they are not always the best option. It all depends on the type of surgery, the location and size of the wound, as well as the preferences of the patient and the surgeon. In some cases, specialists may decide that traditional non-dissolving sutures are better. Most dissolvable stitches will disappear completely, but in some cases small fragments may remain and these will also disappear over time. Do dissolvable stitches hurt? Pain sensations associated with dissolvable stitches may vary depending on the person and the location of the wound, but they usually do not cause severe pain. If you have dissolvable stitches, it is worth waiting a few days before bathing – it is necessary to make sure that the wound is well closed.

Due to their many advantages, such as comfort and lower risk of infection, dissolvable sutures are becoming more and more popular around the world. Remember that you should obtain any recommendations regarding postoperative wound care directly from your doctor. If you care about the best care, our clinic in London recommends its services!


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