How to sweeten to be healthy and slim.

Honey, stevia, xylitol, or maybe cane sugar? How to sweeten to be healthy and slim?

Most people only look at two features of sweeteners: whether they are natural or artificial, and how many calories they have. However, the most important feature of sweeteners is the GI – glycemic index. The higher the index, the greater insulin spike in the body is generated. This results in glucagon secretion and in the end it means increased body weight.
In today’s beauty news we have 5 competitors who will fight for the title of the healthiest sweetener.

Number 1. White sugar – has a lot of calories and the highest glycemic index of 70-100. It’s the worst contender, he’s already out, at the very beginning.

Number 2. Cane sugar – often seen in restaurants – Glycemic index is similar to white sugar. Not a very good result.

Number 3. Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners – the GI is very low, has zero calories, but it contains a combination of artificial chemicals.
There are many studies that say aspartame causes cancer, while others say there is no evidence that it is unhealthy in small quantities.

Number 4. Stevia – derived from a plant, it has very low glycemic index, has zero calories. You would think it’s an ideal sweetener. Unfortunately, you will not hear any of this on breakfast television or Mens Health newspaper. Despite of it’s low Glicemic index Stevia causes the same insulin burst like white suguar. After eating stevia, the brain activates the entire hormonal cascade.

Number 5. Xylitol or birch sugar – is a natural ingredient, it has much less calories than sugar, and its glycemic index is low – it is the only kind of sugar that almost does not cause any insulin burst. In addition, it does not ferment in the digestive tract, it facilitates the mineralization of the body, increases calcium absorption.

In summary, not only calories are an important feature of your sweetener. Xylitol is definitely the winner, and if you are running low on xylitol, just use honey instead.

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