Interview with Dr Małgorzata Lewicka-Kisiel Radio Słupsk Part 2.

The least invasive procedure are phenolic peels, but apparently because they often require longer convalescence than, for example, thread implantation or administration of hyaluronic acid, and definitely longer than administration of botox. We have three types of peels with different percentages from 5 to 60% phenol concentration for different ladies for different skin types and with different problems, and the healing period for such peels is from 6 to 12 days, so the patient must stay at home longer than with eyelid surgery for blepharoplasty. However, this gives the effect of a very spectacular smoothing of the skin, improving the tension of the folds, refreshing the skin.

Acids require a shorter recovery time, we can take the risk of bruising some redness. As long as a bruise occurs in a person, so much must either hide or not necessarily. There are ladies who do not deem it appropriate to hide that they did something, but you can hide it under a lock and there is no big problem. When it comes to bruising, this often doesn’t happen at all and after the surgery we have everything done – the patient injected, for example the cheeks of the mouth or the raised face oval, except for minor redness.

Botox is a non-invasive procedure, it is a so-called ‘lunch’ procedure, it can be done within 10 minutes. Small places, traces of Grudecki red puncture that hide within 10 minutes, but the botox will only take effect after 14 days is not an immediate procedure, only the effects are visible after 14 days. Botox treatments are intended only for one-third of the upper face, i.e. horizontal forehead wrinkles. Lion wrinkle and wrinkles around the eyes. To correct the eyelid lift a little, we use botox, the procedure is not easy at all, because administering Botox to the right muscle group requires some in-depth knowledge of anatomy, because it is enough to move the needle a few centimeters to the side and instead of lifting the eyelid. Fortunately, not permanently.

Incompetent people can at most distort the patient’s face, for example, make a contorted face or drooping eyelid or drooping eyebrow. However, you cannot damage the nerve. Surely you are talking about fillers and here is a little more danger if a person who does not know the anatomy or as a result of the adverse coincidence of the anatomical anomaly in the patient performs a procedure that carries a complication of embolism. The first thing if the doctor does it is skilled and knows what he does will recognize it immediately because the whitening of this area is observed immediate pain in the patient. You can not ignore this special tools are methods of treating these types of complications and aesthetic medicine doctors know perfectly well how to use them. Fortunately, this situation has not happened to me yet but I have managed to treat complications after unauthorized persons.

Do you often come to the doctor’s office if you have acne-related changes on your skin? There are such people, most often they are young people who struggle with acne vulgaris is a common thing at young age, while improper care and maintenance of such acne often leads to acne scars, which can take care of and scar those effects. The result is that the skin becomes smoother and they are not so visible, while active acne itself can, of course, also be treated with dermatology, and I often refer patients to dermatologists because I am a surgeon. Acne vulgaris or acne vulgaris can be treated by a dermatologist, while I treat the effects of this acne. There are several methods that we can do for it very good results dermapen, plexr or peels.

We also deal with sensitive capillary skin. Well, this is a bigger problem, definitely because it tends to break blood vessels. Sometimes there are deficiencies of vitamin C vitamins and we often supplement them with drip infusions that we also offer. In contrast, there are mesotherapy techniques that cause redermalization of the skin, i.e. remodeling of internal tissue, which over time causes that these vessels are much less visible. It does not mean that they are not there, they simply cover with a thicker skin from above which makes them less visible. Capillary skin is a problem with the fragility of blood vessels. Capillary skin is a difficult problem together with dermatology and the entire polypragmasia, i.e. with multidirectional treatment, we try to help patients.

It is often heard that these are vitamin PP deficiencies. That’s right, all vitamin B12 deficiencies starting with vitamin C through. One of the groups Hello B is vitamin PP, niacin. We can supplement it with tablets if there is a healthy digestive tract and there are no problems with absorption from the gastrointestinal tract or if the patient suffers from some irritable bowel or any other gastrointestinal diseases we offer it in the form of intravenous or drip which bypassing the gastrointestinal tract introduces vitamin groups into the body.
It is very important to avoid sunlight, so always wear sunscreen and day cream at night, oily or moisturizing creams depending on your skin type. We have different creams in the clinic but these are medical creams not available in drugstores. Some patients prefer serum, that is, under the cream and under the foundation, a special substance that works much more strongly. They are concentrated, have a beneficial effect on the skin and mainly vitamins. It has a very positive effect on this skin complexion and gives very good results so that you can carry out these rather complex procedures.

Modern equipment is needed for the treatment because I, as an ENT specialist, also deal with the treatment of snoring. We also have facial treatments for the body that are very effective and very nicely eliminate some problems, for example needle radiofrequency is a great procedure that lifts the face strengthens the tissue reduces the falling of the face also reduces acne scars, enlarged pores – 3-4 days of healing unfortunately patient he has to sacrifice for it. As for the body, we have a very interesting ION Magnum device, it is a device based on electrostimulation. But this is not a simple electrostimulator. It is a device based on the electrostimulation of our own brain because these electrodes capture the waves that generate the brain during movement of the run or some other muscle contraction and the impulses are processed through the plates on the patient. So we can train the thigh muscles of the back shoulder muscles, it is also a rehabilitation device. It helps a lot with various types of sciatic back pain because it tones these muscles. The devices are very helpful in aesthetic medicine because they complement some of the doctor’s manual capabilities and we use it is very much the liking and liking of patients because they come back to some treatments very willingly saying that they help a lot.


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