Pigmentation, how did I get melasma on my face.

Sunlight is essential for all life on earth. It is an important source of Vitamin D production in our bodies. Vitamin D is required for healthy bones and high levels of serotonin – the hormone of joy. But like with everything else, if too much it can be dangerous and excessive sun exposure can lead to skin damage.

The Sun emits several types of light. Skin damaging, non-visible, short wavelength UVA light is between 290 – 400nm. HEV – high energy visible light takes the 400-500nm spectrum. These wavelengths can increase the occurrence of melasma. LEV – low energy visible light is between 400-760nm and is not dangerous.

Harmful effect of HEV light.

UV and the HEV light spectrum is considered to be most harmful. HEV light is a form of light believed to cause long-term skin damage as significant as UVA and UVB combined. HEV can penetrate more deeply into the skin than UVA and UVB. HEV damage is insidious and long term. While there may be no immediate signs of skin damage such as redness or swelling, repeated exposure over time can lead to premature ageing and even cancer.

Harmful effects of HEV light may include: inadequate skin function and fragility, increased number of ageing cells, uneven pigmentation and texture, wrinkles caused by the destruction of dermal fibres. UVB rays can only penetrate our skin superficially. On the other hand HEV and UVA can reach the lowest levels of our skin – into the dermis. Like UVA light the HEV can produce free radicals. This in turn can lead to the break down of collagen and elastin. This process is called photoaging and can cause premature skin ageing. Photoaging is a natural process but can cause the skin to develop signs of sagging and deep wrinkles.

Another harmful effect that HEV light can cause is uneven skin pigmentation often call hyperpigmentation. Exposure to HEV light can be the cause of developing age spots. The age spots are darker patches of skin that are more visible when we get older. Melasma and skin inflammation can also be observed.

Harmful light rays are all around us and the scientific community through research and academic journals has proven the negative effects imposed on our skin. That is why it is important to remember that even when the sun is hidden behind the clouds, UVA and HEV rays are reaching the surface of the earth and our skin. Even when indoors, scattered light radiation can enter our vicinity affecting the skin. Eskulap Clinic insists that we should use sun care every day as part of our daily routine and not only during the hottest days.


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