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Thinking of something new to jazz up your style while pampering yourself as the year comes to an end? In this video we test the best glow-up beauty treatments for the festive season from facials to body treatments.

After months of social restrictions, the festive season gives us much-needed optimism to end the year. There still are a few places around the world where it’s legal to celebrate the new year eve. Regardless of what your’re planning it is always possible to look good at a house party with your friends.

Here at Eskulap aesthetic medicine clinic in London and Birmingham we’re excited to meet up with friends and family but before that — we researched some of the best beauty treatments that you can get for a holiday glow-up.
New Years eve is close but you can still stop your ageing clock ticking. We choose our favourite facial rejuvenation treatments that offer quick and in many cases instant results, with little to no downtime. Here are our top picks — call to book your appointment before our schedule fills up.

This year has been tough and if you are looking exhausted after the stress caused by 2020 you could retaliate by smoothing out fine wrinkles with botox to address frown lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles on your forehead. The results can be seen just a few days after the treatment and last up to six months. It’s a painless and quick procedure that can even be done during a lunch break and is affordable to everyone.

Smooth, soft and full lips shout ‘kiss me’ every time you look at them. This effect can be achieved by using lip fillers to augment and enhance their appearance. Lip Fillers are a gel like substance specifically designed to deliver natural-looking boost in lip volume minimizing lines that often are associated with ageing. During just one 40 minute appointment, you can have fuller lips that last for over a year and your favourite lipstick will go on gorgeously too!

PQAge peeling provides a fast and lasting effect of skin lifting without pain and downtime! The skin becomes more elastic and effects can be seen immediately after the procedure. This facial peel is suitable for all skin types. It smooth out wrinkles and skin tone. Old collagen fibres are replaced by new ones which makes the skin look fresh and young. PQAge facial peel can be used just before your night out, it doesn’t cause any redness or side effects and the antibacterial ingredients are also very effective against acne.

Ozone Drinks and vitamin infusions are a great way to improve your immunity and vitality. Especially in these difficult times vitamin drips are the best non invasive way of strengthening your body and giving you the needed energy to complete your daily routine. If your are planning to go out with your friends , the immediate effect and energy boost after vitamin C infusions will allow you dance and gossip all night without fatigue.

All the above treatments and procedures are minimally invasive and will allow you to achieve immediate results. Just in time for your night out. We would like to wish you all the best in the upcoming year 2021. Keep safe and see you later in the next video. Michal Kisiel


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