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Services offered at Aesthetic Medicine Skin Clinic Eskulap mmKisiel London Birmingham and Słupsk

London and Birmingham: Aesthetic Medicine

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The treatments are performed by Dr Małgorzata Lewicka-Kisiel, a specialist head and neck surgery consultant with 40 years of experience. A qualified Aesthetic Medicine Physician, a member of BCAM (British College of Aesthetic Medicine) and Michal Kisiel a qualified nurse with the title Aesthetic Practitioner. All our employees have medical education and international certificates gained in leading research centers in the world. Many years of experience in the field of botox therapy, fillers and implantation of face lifting threads.

Hair Loss Treatment

One-off hair growth treatment – Regenera Activa! It is a non-invasive hair transplant for women and men. Particularly effective at androgenic baldness. New technology in the fight against baldness is now available to you.

Aesthetic Gynaecology

Aesthetic gynecology is a relatively new branch of medicine that was created in response to the requirements and needs of modern women. VRS – Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome (loose vagina) and urine incontinence are common problems for many women. Especially after pregnancy. Aesthetic Gynecology is a solution. Vaginal tightening available at the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic Eskulap mmKisiel.

Ozone Therapy

Anti-Aging Medicine. Ozone effectively helps to fight: viruses, bacteria, yeasts, fungi and protozoa. It stimulates the immune system, cleans arteries and veins by lowering cholesterol levels, improves circulation. Gives you energy boost. It is a noble gas used in medicine for many years.

Teeth Grinding

Botulinum toxin – Botox helps with bruxism, teeth grinding, night gnashing and jaw clenching. We are able to model the angles of the jaw line with Botox and reduce the masseter muscles, resulting in a slimmer face. London Birmingham and Słupsk Clinic Eskulap mmKisiel invites you for a consultation.

Wrinkle Removal

Botox injections are a simple method of non-surgical smoothing of furrows and fine lines between the eyebrows (lion’s wrinkle), forehead and small mimic wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet). Treatment of migraine headaches and bruxism.

Excessive Sweating

Sweating, headaches and teeth grinding, night gnashing, jaw clenching is a big problem for many people. Many people sweat because of the stress of everyday life. Botox is the solution. Increase your personal comfort and start the hyperhidrosis treatment today.>

Migraine Treatment

Botox can also free us from headaches – given in the appropriate area of the forehead, temple or neck cures migraine, bruxism and jaw clenching. Headache is a big problem in everyday life. Lack of the possibility to concentrate does not allow You to achieve the intended goal. Call and arrange a consultation today 07747474755.

HiFu Ultrasound

HIFU is the first and only non-invasive procedure that can be used to improve the appearance of the skin, lifting the skin around the neck, under the chin and eyebrows, which increases the comfort of the patient. Used also to smooth lines and wrinkles on the neckline.

Hyaluronic Acid - Dermal Fillers

Are you interested in increasing the volume of the lips, improving and correcting the shape of the lips, filling the sunken cheeks or abolishing the jowls? This is a task for fillers based on hyaluronic acid. Integration with skin tissues is full and almost immediate, because hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally found in the skin.


Needle mesotherapy involves the local application of nutrients to the dermis or into the subcutaneous layer that are deeply moisturizing and regenerative.

Microneedle Radiofrequency

This non-surgical facelift acts simultaneously on the deep layers of the skin and epidermis, significantly improving the firmness and tension of the skin in any area of the body. Using this treatment, we can also reduce wrinkles, correct face contours and even out the surface and skin tone.

Injection Lipolysis

It is a non-surgical method of removing fat tissue. It involves the injection of selected parts of the body with a special lipolytic solution. We can get rid of the double chin (turkey neck), uncomfortable lipoma or use the product for body shaping and modeling.


Carbon dioxide is constantly present in our body and it regulates blood flow. It is thanks to CO2 the blood vessels expand. Gas under the skin accelerates blood flow, improves microcirculation, stimulates the skin to produce new collagen.


Chemical peels are used in aesthetic medicine as auxiliary procedures to obtain good tension and beautiful skin tone. The strength of TCA acid used in peeling causes a rapid increase in new epidermal cells.

Thread Lift PDO

The treatment with PDO threads is an effective, minimally invasive face lifting method – with an effect comparable to a surgical lift using the latest biodegradable material. PDO 4D is a new unique face lifting thread with a specially developed system of microscopic hooks.


DermaPen is a device that allows us to effectively reduce wrinkles, reduce visible pores, acne scars and burns and stretch marks.

Platelet Rich Plasma PRP Vampire Lift

Platelets sow the so-called growth factors that stimulate cell division, the formation of elastin and new collagen fibers, as well as the formation of blood vessels and enable the influx stem cells to the injured area of the body. Vampire Lifting is very popular.


Aesthetic medicine effectively counteracts aging by trying to replenish collagen resources in the skin and eliminate the effects of its depletion.

Ear Irrigation

Has your hearing deteriorated? Do you feel that you have a plugged ear? Maybe the reason for your hearing problems is excessive accumulation of cerumen in the ear canal. The solution is a quick and easy ear rinsing procedure.


Plexr is a modern tool in aesthetic medicine, with many applications. The main indication of PLEXR is lifting the eyelids (non-invasive blepharoplasty), lower face lift, treatment of deep wrinkles around the eyes and around the mouth (so-called smoker’s lines), removal of lentigines and hyperpigmentation, removal of skin lesions.


We use Profhilo to slow down the aging process, improve the appearance of dull, tired skin and increase the volume of the face. Profhilo helps to restore moisture, elasticity and color of the skin, by associating, in a synergistic way, deep hydration with the mechanical effect of skin lifting.

U225 Msotherapy

Mesotherapy is a method of applying deeply moisturizing and regenerating nutrients locally to the dermis or subcutaneous layer.

Diode Laser

Diode Laser is a completely safe device in the fight against skin imperfections, especially of vascular origin (thread and spider veins) and other signs of aging.

Intravenous Vitamin Drip

To meet the needs of our patients, we offer a total novelty at the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic! Intravenous vitamin drips and nutrients of regenerative properties. They have been developed by a number of specialists and designed for our patients.

Mole and wart removal

Plexr is a device that helps to remove wrinkles around the mouth, lift the eyelids but also is used to remove fibromas, warts, moles, yolks, hemangiomas (cherry markers).


A wide range of dental services provided with the latest medical equipment. Dentist in Greenford, Ealing, Perivale – London Clinic. Numerous promotions and discounts for selected dental services. Treatments are performed by qualified doctors.

Contact data

147 Ruislip Road,
Greenford, London

Shakespear Crescent
Hockley, Birmingham
B18 5BT

phone 077 4747 4755

Opening hours:

Mon – Sat 11:00 – 19:00

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